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The Might of the Persian Empire

Middle East Imperial History

Iran Iraq Egypt Hittite Assyrian Babylonian Persian Macedonian Roman Byzantine Sassanid Seljuk Saladin mongol Ottoman Crusader European Empires Colonialism Armistice Independence

Iran - Land of the Aryans

IRAN - Persians Great Emperors and Builders

Darius II ( the Great ) the most powerful persian king and one of the biggest builders of all time. He like Cyrus the great rejected Slavery and paid for the work that bulit Persia.

Saamad sings Lila Lila

Iran "saamad sings Lila Lila"


Iran-Iraq Why do jew Hate Persians

Daniel and the Lion's Den
Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego
King Nebudkenezzar Enslaved the jew
Cyrus the Great Freed the jew Slaves

Great Persians in History

iran persia cyrus kurosh darius xerxes mosadegh babak firooz shapur surena shah islamic republic reza khan rumi khayyam

Persian history

the best civilization in the world

The Real Persia

persia really is

An introductory of Persia.

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